Jonquil – It’s My Part

mmmmm that guitar. THAT GUITAR. So yummy. Jonquil is one of my favorite discoveries of 2012. This song is such a smooth, cool, groove, making it easy to listen to it over and over again (seriously, my play count is at 120 right now….). Their newest album, Point of Go, is full goodies; have a listen to the whole thing on their bandcamp page.


Optical Cloaking

Making objects invisible by manipulating the surrounding electromagnetic spectrum is just about the coolest thing ever. EVER. EVER. Optical cloaking, and metamaterials in general, is my latest scientific obsession (and possible area of research?!). But as cool as making an invisibility cloak (Harry Potter ftw) sounds, no device has been made that can actually make an object invisible in the visible spectrum, although researchers have been able to create cloaks that work in the microwave range, and have made theoretical designs for cloaks that should operate at visible frequencies. Oh science, how I love thee.

Oh yeah, I’m just a super stealthy circular object, surrounded by my cloak of invisibility, gliding past these microwaves like it’s NOBODY’S BUSINESS.


Dan Deacon – True Thrush

Dan Deacon’s kind of a genius. Actually, not just kind of. He’s an all-the-way genius, as evidenced by this awesome song and video from his latest album, ‘America’. Who doesn’t love a music video where people partake in a weirdly awesome acting version of the classic “Telephone” game? Plus, this video’s got cartoon dogs and aliens, people in red hats, and the secret ingredient that takes it all to another level: TONS OF  COLORFUL PAPER CONFETTI. YES. I love me some colorful paper confetti. Check out his recent interview with NPR for more interesting deets about the album and his career as an electronic music composer.

Photoelectric Wasps

I found this great blog post about wasps whose bodies, more specifically their exoskeletons, may be functioning as some sort of solar cell-like devices that convert sun light into usable energy. SUPER COOL.

Just workin away, doing cool wasp things, all the while converting the sun’s light into energy!


There’s nothing I don’t love about this song and video. The upbeat yet chill tempo, the retro vibe, the roller skating, the sweet dance moves, THE SHORT SHORTS. Dare I say it’s my favorite song of the summer?! I highly doubt I’ll find a song to knock it off it’s pedestal before Labor Day.

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